Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog,Tweet,Flick and Flutter

Well I have succummed to the blog finally. I've tried to start a few but I always deleted them. I don't have much to say nor much time. So why did I start another?

Giveaways...plain and simple. I love to enter sweeps. That is my "me" time anymore. But what once was a fun way to enter has now turned into post a comment. Even that is not good enough anymore. Now more and more blogs require you to blog, tweet and flutter, clap your hands three times, twirl around, jump up and down and shout out everywhere about their giveaway. It's rather annoying and I do hope companies stop this insanity soon.

Until then I waive my white flag and surrender. I shall now blog about the giveaways that I really, really want to win and my next step of action will be to tweet. By the time I figure that one out there will just be a new flucker that I will need to learn. When will it stop?

And perhaps one day, I may have some intersting things to blog about...

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